Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Trip

Sorry for my last blog, the computer wasn't working well. So the rest of our trip was really fun. The boys got to see snow. It actually snowed the day after Christmas. We took the boys to the mountains to play with snow. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!
The day it snowed

Ethan and Erech with their snow man
While on our trip I was able to visit my friend Guyla and her family.Here is a picture of the kids. which was hard to get because they wouldn't sit still.


The Morgan Family! said...

Im glad you guys had fun!It must of been nice to be around snow during Christmas!It was 80 here for Christmas

Delmonico Family said...

How cute. They must of had so much fun. I wish we could have seen snow. Love the snowmen

The Martos Family said...

I am glad to hear you guys had fun, kind of bummed we did not get to see you guys. But we will have other oportunities. Have a great New Year... We miss all of you guys.

Guyla Thurgood said...

Cute Pictures! Playing in the snow looked fun and cold!!:-)