Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love coupons!!

Since I started the whole coupon shopping I'm impressed on how much money I save. I now always make a list before I shop and I make sure I have a coupon. I just wanted to share what i got this week.
I was able to get all this for only$13.00
If I didn't have any coupons it would of been $71.00
That's a $58.00 savings.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Erech

June 17th, Erech turned 3 years old. It's amazing how fast they grow. Erech this year had 3 days of celebration. It started on June 14th. My grandma from Colorado was visiting us so we decided to do a little party with her. My Birthday is on June 16th so we did a combine party. We had such a great time.

On Erechs actual Birthday we took him to his favorite pizza restaurant and came home to have cake and open presents.
On June 19th, Erech had his Birthday party at the splash park. It was a hot day so it was nice being able to play in the water. We had a fun time. We would like to say Thank You to every one who joined us and for his gifts.
Happy Birthday Erech!! We love you very much!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

FREE Sample of Tampax Pearl!

Walmart has a new sample available! Snag a FREE sample of Tampax Pearl tampons! Just go on over here and click on the "Get your sample" link. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Great Deal at CVS

With in the past two weeks I no longer go shopping with out using coupons. I didn't realize how much money I could of been saving for our family. So last night I went to CVS and bought these items.1. 4 toothbrushes.
2. 2 toothpaste
3. 1 Razor
4.2 dawn soap
5.1 crest rinse

The grand total was $28.00
I started out with having $5.00 worth of cvs money
with coupons I only paid $ 1.00 out of pocket.
Plus I received another $5.00 worth of cvs money.

So I saved $27.00