Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My new nephew Baby Michael

Last night I was able to finally see my new nephew Michael. My sister in-law gave Birth to him on Friday January 23rd. He's so precious. I think he looks just like mom and dad. Congratulations to mike and Allison on there new baby boy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book #2

So this weekend I was able to read another book. This book is called Long Journey Home By Amber Esplin. It's about
Bridget McKenna has had her future mapped out ever since she was small. But when Bridget's mother dies in a car accident, her careful plans get derailed. Bridget must move across the country to live with a father she hasn't seen since her parents divorced years before. As she leaves behind the life she once knew, Bridget holds onto a single hope: make it through her senior year and then return home. Getting through the year, however, may not be so simple. Bridget uncoves secrets from the past that threaten to steer her toward an uncertain future.
This book got really good towards the end.
If you have a book that your reading right now will you share it with me? I need to get another book to read. Or maybe you can tell me what your favorite book is.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time with my sister and Friend

Today I had the opportunity to spend time with my sister and my friend Sarah. We started our day be going to the temple. I don't think they were to excited when I told them we were leaving at 7:30. I mean who wants to get up that early on Saturday. They were great troops and did it. We had a great time at the Temple. We later went to the book store and had lunch at Loco Tropical. I had a great time with them.

The Wednesday Letters

One of my many New Years resolution was to read a new book once a month. So for the month of January I read The Wednesday Letters.
The Wednesday Letters is the story of Jack and Laurel. Married 39 years, the Coopers lived a good life and appear to have had a near-perfect relationship. Then one night, with his wife cradled in his arms, and before Jack takes his last breath, he scribbles his final "Wednesday Letter."

When their three adult children arrive to arrange the funeral, they discover boxes and boxes full of love letters that their father wrote to their mother on every single Wednesday. As they begin to open and read the letters, the children uncover unimaginable adventures and the shocking truth about their past.

The Wednesday Letters has a powerful message about redemption and forgiveness. And it just might inspire you to begin writing your own Wednesday Letters.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked it so much that I read it in a day and a half.

The most important lesson to be learned from this book is the one about forgiveness. You have have the chance and want to read a book try this one out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Allison's Baby Shower

This past Saturday my sister-n-law Allison had her baby shower. It was great celebrating the arrival of my nephew. They are going to name him Michael Jr. I'm so excited for the family to be having a boy because he will be able to carry our family name. My brother Michael was the last one, and now we will have someone else. I hope Allison has a good delivery.

One of Allison's friend made her this awesome tower cake.

Allison wearing her hat from the ribbon and bows she collected from her gifts.
Allison and I

Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Trip

Sorry for my last blog, the computer wasn't working well. So the rest of our trip was really fun. The boys got to see snow. It actually snowed the day after Christmas. We took the boys to the mountains to play with snow. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!
The day it snowed

Ethan and Erech with their snow man
While on our trip I was able to visit my friend Guyla and her family.Here is a picture of the kids. which was hard to get because they wouldn't sit still.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Back!!

Many of you know that for Christmas the family and I went to New Mexico. We drove out there. The boys were excellent.The watched movies the whole time.

The first week for us was kinda bad because both boys were sick. Ben and I took turns going out. Christmas was Great! The boys had so much fun and they got spoiled with gifts from mom and dad, also the grandparents. It was so exciting because Ethan kept asking when is Santa coming. Christmas morning I was finally able to say that he came. Ethan couldn't wait to get up and see what Santa brought for him.
******* I'm sorry but for some reason my computer is going to slow.. I will finish this post later****