Monday, November 10, 2008

Day out with Ethan

This Saturday I got the Chance to spend the whole day with Ethan. We started out by doing some shopping. He was super good the whole time. Afterward I asked him where we wanted to go for lunch and he said McDonald s. So we went and had lunch there. We then got home and got ready to go see The movie Madagascar 2.

This movie was super cute. Ethan really liked it. He sat there the whole time and ate almost a medium bag of popcorn all by him self. We then came home and got Erech to go to Alyssa Birthday party. The boys had tons of Fun at the party. I had a blast Spending time with just Ethan.
Happy Birthday Alyssa


Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

So we come down on Wed. If you want to do dinner like Thur night let me know. We can meet somewhere with Tonya too. I can't wait to see you guys. Tell brother HI!

Cameron Family said...

I am sure it is alway fun when you get one on one time with your kids....I am sure he loved that time with his mom.

Tonya Williams said...

Hi Guys....i found your blog, the boys are sooo cute. xavier wanted to be buzz lightyear for halloween but we couldn't find a costume...he ended being batman...we need to get together and let them play. i am off on weds and there is a noce park within walking distance.

Tonya Williams said...

i am off this weds...what time do your boys nap?? madison has a doc appt in the early afternoon, so 2 or 3 o'clock would be good for us, do you live in port orange? do you want to go to the park by the house? call me or send me a text message 846-5930